first flight !


suitcase bike


I got a chance to pack my Surly Traveler’s Check

and take it on a flight for an excellent Florida vacation!

As you can see, it is a very snug fit in the case!  It took me a while to pack it for the first time.

With it’s hard-sided wheeled case and the whole bike inside, it all weighed only 49 lbs. (22kg)
First bag is free on JetBlue, but it has to be under 50.
Good thing I stashed those wrenches in my other half’s duffle bag!

Flew into Tampa and stayed just over the Skyway Bridge from St. Petersburg in Manatee County.


skyway & the bay

One night I saw the Robinson nature preserve on the local cable access and the next day I was there biking in it!

valentine house

valentine house @ robinson preserve

The historic ‘Valentine House’ was barged in off an island and now rests at the head of the reserve path.

more pics to follow!

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  1. v on October 29th, 2010

    I switched to a soft sided case for my Co-Motion coupled frame, she’s been all over the country on multiple long and short tours. I much prefer the case, easy to pack unlike the hard case, no damage, easier to pack in soft clothing around my trusty ride. Telescoping handle makes transport easier than the hard case (which I still have for Internat’l travel.)

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