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first flight !


suitcase bike


I got a chance to pack my Surly Traveler’s Check

and take it on a flight for an excellent Florida vacation!

As you can see, it is a very snug fit in the case!  It took me a while to pack it for the first time.

With it’s hard-sided wheeled case and the whole bike inside, it all weighed only 49 lbs. (22kg)
First bag is free on JetBlue, but it has to be under 50.
Good thing I stashed those wrenches in my other half’s duffle bag!

Flew into Tampa and stayed just over the Skyway Bridge from St. Petersburg in Manatee County.


skyway & the bay

One night I saw the Robinson nature preserve on the local cable access and the next day I was there biking in it!

valentine house

valentine house @ robinson preserve

The historic ‘Valentine House’ was barged in off an island and now rests at the head of the reserve path.

more pics to follow!