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travel substitution

Sometimes you just gotta live vicariously through travels & adventures of others.
Especially when it’s the end of the year and you’re all out of vacation days.

Today being the snow day that it was,
I dug around on the internets all day and found this gem.
Over in Nagoya Japan, there’s a pretty big cycling scene
with gangs of girls riding and dancing along to country music together.

I Found this video via Candy Cranks’ Rie

Next, I found my way to Rie’s flickr photostream.
Some fantastic photos from Halloween and the NUTS!FES party and ride set.
Then I notice this guy’s got a Traveler’s Check too:



He’s the proud owner of Japan’s only Surly BBQ bike !!¬† Awesome-sauce indeed.
Tony’s flickr set reveals pictures of him riding the same bike in France!

I wrote to Rie asking permission to post the photo and she wrote me back

and even linked me to her newly released¬† “Love Wheels” Nagoya girls 2010 calendar.
I couldn’t say it any better so I’ll just quote Rie:

‘ Please take a look if you are interested!! Theres lots of SURLY bikes that Nagoya girls ride!! ‘

You can’t even make up this stuff!
Now I’m thinking it’s time to make some travel plans for 2010.