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getting there & a class

I’ve been so busy as of late I haven’t updated nor gained any progress in my build. I did however accomplish another goal;
getting to California before 30.

That’s right. A while ago I had a discussion about some other young people
at the cusp of their twenties. I heard about a girl who traveled all the way to Nepal to try Everest.
She only made it to base camp before having to turn back.

I decided against such lofty intentions and thought to myself,
wait I’ve never even been to Cali!
Of course next time I get out there I am without question bringing my bike for a ride!

Especially with all the great Bicycle Boulevards and general cycling awareness and culture I noticed in the Bay Area. Roadies and Urbanites alike everyone seemed to have a bike.


Now that I’m back I went back to Broadway and started a wheel building class there. The first class consisted of us learning about different rims and hub styles so we can decide what to order for our riding needs.
Also, I may have drooled on my frame again.


Frame detail

Saturday morning I got up to work on the bike some more.
First we did a frame saver treatment to keep rust away,
then used special tools to put the headset pieces on.

Mr. Pugatch here helped me out as Broadway‘s Teaching Mechanic.

You get to work on your own bike and get instruction while you do it.
Once you know what you’re doing you can come and use the bike tools yourself.

This means a lot coming from a guy who hates doing laundry so much that
he pays for laundromat to do it.
Wash, dry, & fold almost a months worth for $25!  AND he delivers.
What can I say?
I’d rather be going for a ride with some dapper and merry folks
than sitting around at home
folding and ironing.

tweed ride

More important parts will be here…Next week….

Building at Broadway

Hey BostonBiker !

Entering the Boston-bloc blog with my first bike build project.

I’ve been taking classes at the Broadway Bicycle School this year
with the idea in mind that once I sold my car I would then build my own bike.

I’m now car-free and in the middle of building my Surly Traveler’s Check.

This frame has bicycle torque couplings that allow you to disassemble the bike
to pack in a suitcase!

Stay Tuned

Start with the frame