getting there & a class

I’ve been so busy as of late I haven’t updated nor gained any progress in my build. I did however accomplish another goal;
getting to California before 30.

That’s right. A while ago I had a discussion about some other young people
at the cusp of their twenties. I heard about a girl who traveled all the way to Nepal to try Everest.
She only made it to base camp before having to turn back.

I decided against such lofty intentions and thought to myself,
wait I’ve never even been to Cali!
Of course next time I get out there I am without question bringing my bike for a ride!

Especially with all the great Bicycle Boulevards and general cycling awareness and culture I noticed in the Bay Area. Roadies and Urbanites alike everyone seemed to have a bike.


Now that I’m back I went back to Broadway and started a wheel building class there. The first class consisted of us learning about different rims and hub styles so we can decide what to order for our riding needs.
Also, I may have drooled on my frame again.


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